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IVF Frequently Asked Questions in Lagos


In this modern life and busy life, there are many people facing issues of infertility for those reasons. But IVF, IUI and ICSI are the solution to this infertility issue in that IVF is the most used technique (in-vitro Fertilization)

How is In vitro fertilization done in Lagos?

In-vitro fertilization is also referred to as IVF therapy. One of the best therapies for infertility issues is IVF therapy. This is the method of gathering eggs and semen and moving them both manually to the uterus in a laboratory and after fusing the embryo.

What are the reasons behind infertility in Lagos?

The irregular mechanism of reproduction contributes to infertility. This involves many causes, such as

Problems of ovulation
Hormonal (PCOS) imbalance
Endometriosis Concerning
Ovarian Failure Premature
The Age
The Extra Weight

How should I prepare myself for IVF treatment in Lagos?

In order to help prepare the body and mind for good outcomes before going for IVF treatment, here are some points.

Better to discontinue smoking
Take the vitamins needed
Consume foods that improve fertility


After IVF, can I fly immediately from Lagos?

There is no proof that the IVF success rate problem is triggered by travelling. But the specialist recommends that you stick closer to your treated fertility centre better.

During IVF, can I gain weight?

It is natural to gain weight, but each person will not gain weight. It depends on the type of drug given and how the body responds to the therapy.

During IVF, what should I avoid eating?

For the better, stop stuff like IVF outcomes.

Crude Eggs
Artificial sweetening agents
Arettes and Alcohol
With caffeine (coffee and tea)
From Cheese

During IVF, can a man drink alcohol?

Experts recommend that it is best to say no to alcohol because it can influence baby birth. So at least 1 week before going to offer a sample of semen for IVF treatment, avoid alcohol.


How Important is the Woman’s Age in Lagos?

A women’s age is a very important factor for fertility. If women crosses 40 then changes of conceiving will decrease.

How to Find the best IVF Centre in Lagos?

Infertility is the common problem facing in most of the couples.


In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, IVF Treatment in Nigeria includes extracting eggs from a woman’s uterus, which are then combined with sperm, and transferring the formed embryo into the uterus to allow successful implantation procedure in the woman.

The demand for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment in Nigeria is increasing rapidly. This is because a huge number of couples highly prefer IVF treatment because it is one of the most successful assisted conception methods is the perfect destination for IVF/Infertility treatment in Nigeria and We provide state of art equipment’s to perform all the fertility treatments in an affordable cost & we provide high-quality service and facilities to our patients.

How Much Does IVF Treatment Cost in Lagos?

IVF Cost in LagosCost in Naira
Registration / Consultation₦ 25,000
Test₦ 170,000
IVF excluding drugs₦ 1,300,000
Donor Eggs₦ 220,000
Sperm donor₦ 60,000
IUI for 3 circles (injections + drugs)₦ 400,000


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