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Laparoscopic Fibroid Removal Surgery In Bangalore 

A minimal intervention procedure of removing fibroid benign tumor growths in a women’s womb. Laparoscopic fibroid removal eases the discomfort and reduces menstrual bleeding, easing pelvic pain and bladder pressure. If your fibroids are benign, they are less harmful. However, you can decide whether to get it removed or not depending on your convenience.

If some symptoms are bothering you, surgery is a good option.

  • Abnormal menstrual bleeding.
  • Bleeding between menstruation.
  • Lower abdominal pain and pressure.
  • Difficulty in bladder emptying.

Surgery is suggested if you want to conceive in the future as fibroids may cause miscarriage and other complications.

  • Increased urge to urinate.
  • Low-back pain.

Surgical laparoscopic procedures are of two types

  • Myomectomy.
  • Hysterectomy.

The fibroid surgery choice depends on the following aspects

Fibroid size.

One or more fibroids.

Desire to have children.

Fibroid location and position.

Laparoscopic methods

Hysteroscopy: An efficient procedure to opt if the fibroids are lesser in number. Your physician inserts a thin telescope to view your uterus and cervix, your physician infuses a fluid for uterus expansion, then he avails a device to cut and destroy fibroids.

Laparotomy: The procedure is suitable for women with larger fibroids. Your physician incises the lower abdomen, to cut and remove the fibroids. You will have to stay in the hospital for 2 to 5 days. Recovery will take around a few weeks.

Laparoscopy: A procedure that suits women with a lesser number of fibroids. Your physician inserts a telescope for an enlarged view of the pelvic region. Your physician with the robotic use moves the arms and then cuts and bursts the tumors.


Heavy bleeding: You will experience fatigue, numbness, and various other symptoms because of blood loss. So, surgical procedures help reduce blood loss relieving your symptoms. There is a loss of blood associated with hysterectomy.

Scar: When your physician incises your abdomen, the scars in the abdomen.

Pregnancy risks: The surgery may increase the complications associated with C-section.

Post-procedural instructions

Your physician prescribes pain-relieving medicines and dietary restrictions if required. You may experience vaginal bleeding in smaller amounts. You will need a week to get rid of the spotting.


Relief of symptoms: You will experience relief from your symptoms such as menstrual bleeding and pelvic pain and pressure.

Enhancing fertility: Laparoscopic procedures have provided optimum results in case of pregnancy. However, you will need to wait for 7 months before getting pregnant.

Non-surgical approach

The non-surgical procedures are used in women with lesser fibroids.

Embolization of uterine artery: Uterine arteries are infused with tiny particles restricting blood supply.

Radiofrequency volumetric thermal ablation: The fibroids are removed by applying radiofrequency waves to the fibroids destroying them.

MRI-guided focussed ultrasound surgery: MRI instructs a heat source at the site of fibroids to destroy them.

Commonly asked questions related to laparoscopic fibroid removal surgery in Bangalore 

What is the cost of laparoscopic fibroid removal surgery in Bangalore?

The cost of laparoscopic fibroid removal surgery varies from Rs. 250000 to 70000. The cost depends on the physician’s charge, facilities received, methods and equipment used, medical condition, age.

What is the success rate of laparoscopic fibroid removal surgery in Bangalore?

The success rate is 99% relieving the symptoms associated with the procedure, increasing fertility and chances of getting pregnant.

How are fibroids diagnosed in Bangalore?

The fibroids are diagnosed when your physician does a physical examination of your pelvic region and confirms the same with your symptom experience. MRI and ultrasound techniques are used to detect the presence of fibroids.

Are fibroids considered cancerous or noncancerous?

Fibroids are usually benign and are non-cancerous. They have no relation to uterine cancer.

Who is prone to uterine fibroids?

Many women experience fibroids at some point in their life. The chances of contracting uterine fibroids are more common in women with a family history of such disease. The risk factors for fibroid may be obesity, a diet that includes red meat, and fatty substances. Fibroids are likely to develop in women between 45 to 50.

How do fibroids impact pregnancy?

Women with fibroids can get pregnant, but the complications are vast.

How long is the laparoscopic fibroid removal procedure in Bangalore?

The surgery takes around 1 to 3 hours. However, it depends on the complexity of the condition.

What is an alternative if your fibroid removal surgery is not successful in Bangalore?

Your physician will recommend a different surgery if all tried methods are not successful.

What are other options for fibroid removal apart from the surgeries in Bangalore?

Hormone therapy

Intrauterine hormone devices

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines, tranexamic acid

What are the long-lasting results of laparoscopic fibroid removal surgery in Bangalore?

Relief from symptoms

Decreased chances of hysterectomy

Reducing uterine cancer and other infections

Is medical insurance covered for laparoscopic fibroid removal?

There are many medical insurance providers who provide health insurance for various medical conditions. Although hysterectomy is covered under medical insurance, it is necessary that you contact your insurance provider to avail yourself the insurance for the procedure.

What are the risks associated with the procedure in Bangalore?

Abdominal surgery is done previously



Extreme pelvic disorders

Unbearable pain in the pelvic and abdominal area

Infection and bowel disease

What does laparoscopy detect for proceeding with the procedure?

The laparoscope is used to examine abdominal tumor

Liver disease

The extent of cancer progression

Treatment effect

At what size can the fibroids be removed in Bangalore?

When the fibroids reach 9 to 10 cm in size, it is removed laparoscopically.

How can fibroids be removed from laparoscopy in Bangalore?

The laparoscope is inserted into the abdomen with a small incision. Your physician inserts a telescope for the visibility of the internal organs such as the pelvis and other proximal organs surrounding the uterus. Your physician uses a tool to remove the fibroids.


You can choose the laparoscopic procedure depending on the site of the fibroid and also the severity of the symptoms. You can practice precautions to combat symptoms like dietary modifications, mild exercise.

Laparoscopic fibroid removal procedure opts if you have fibroids smaller in size and are removed through minimally invasive technique. The procedure relieves you of your symptoms and provides a long-lasting symptomatic relief.

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