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Endometrial Surgery In Bangalore

Endometriosis is a chronic non-cancerous, cells resembling uterus lining namely endometrial cells growing outside the uterus. The endometrial tissues appear in the ovaries, abdomen, and bowel. This abnormal tissue growth causes symptoms such as pain during intercourse, complicating your pregnancy.

Symptoms of endometriosis and the reason for surgery

Severe pelvic pain.


You are trying to conceive.

Endometrial pain recurring after hormone therapy.

Scarring of the bowel and bladder.

Reason for endometrial surgery

Scar tissues affect the bowel and bladder.

Pain due to severe endometriosis.

Endometrial cyst on the ovary.

Infertility symptoms.                          

Ultrasoundhigh-frequency sound waves used to record imagesablationBurns or freezes abnormal tissue. Electrosurgery to remove the abnormal tissue.
Magnetic resonance imagingA technique that generates three-dimensional images simpleSimple punctureFluid drainage from the cysts.
LaparoscopyInsertion of fabric optic instrument to take the images of internal organs.Drug therapy treating treatingTreating the infectious site with medicines.
Pelvic examVisual and physical examination of a woman’s internal organs.Cutting away the cyst wall The procedure damages the outer layer of the cyst wall containing ovaries.

 Endometrial therapies include

Hormonal contraceptives.

Gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists and antagonists.

Progestin therapy.

Aromatase inhibitors.

Physician consultation

List symptoms you are experiencing.

Discuss your medicine list.

Clarify your doubts with a physician.

Pre-procedural instructions

Your physician will ask you to refrain from smoking or drinking alcohol.

Your physician will insist you avoid spicy and processed foods.

Your physician will ask you to come empty stomach before the procedure.

Surgery types for endometriosis

Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery where a laparoscope is inserted through a small incision in the abdomen. The procedure is performed by applying anesthesia. During the procedure, your physician will inject carbon dioxide for abdominal bloating making the internal organs visible. Your physician will be able to see the internal organs clearly and she will use instruments to remove the abnormal tissues surrounding the pelvic organs, uterus, ovaries, and rectum. Your physician will remove scar tissue and seal the incisions.

Hysterectomy is a type of surgery done for endometriosis. The procedure is used to treat severe symptoms. Your physician will remove the uterus, cervix, and ovaries.

Post-surgery instructions

Your physician will advise you to refrain from lifting heavyweights.

Your physician will ask you to avoid smoking or drinking alcohol.

Your physician will advise you to refrain from strenuous physical activity.

Your physician will ask you to take a rest for some time.

Complications associated with endometrial surgery

Pelvic infections.

Difficulty breathing because of abdominal incision.

Scar tissue formed after surgery.

Bowel, bladder, and uterus damage.


Damage to blood vessels and nerves.

Consult your physician if you experience symptoms such as

Redness, swelling.


Profuse bleeding.



Unable to empty bladder.

Recovery after endometrial surgery

Recovery takes around a few days to a week for any type of endometrial surgery. You are asked to avoid any routine activities the first few weeks after the procedure. After you have healed, you can continue with normal activities such as exercise, work, or other activities.

Follow up with your physician if you come across any complications. Your physician will prescribe pain medications for pain relief.

Benefits of the procedure

Improve fertility.

Reduce symptoms of menstruation.

Reduced pelvic complications.

Pain improvement.

Commonly asked questions for endometrial surgery

What is the cost of endometrial surgery in Bangalore?

The cost of endometrial surgery in Bangalore varies from Rs. 38000 to a lakh. The cost of the procedure depends on the physician’s charges, treatment type, facilities availed.

How successful is endometrial surgery in Bangalore?

The success rate of the surgery is 85-90%. The symptoms will not recur and if they recur consult your physician for appropriate treatment. The surgery relieves pain, but the results are not long-lasting.

Does medical insurance cover endometrial surgery in Bangalore?

Many insurance providers provide insurance for patients. Consulting your physician before proceeding with the treatment is beneficial.

How long does it take to perform laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore?

The procedure usually takes half an hour to one hour.

Can endometriosis go away on its own in Bangalore?

Yes, after menopause, if the symptoms are moderate to severe, then it can be controlled through medications and surgery.

Is laparoscopy safe for endometrial surgery in Bangalore?

The procedure is safe and effective for endometrial cancer with less blood loss and quicker post-surgical hospitalization.

Is there any possibility of endometriosis recurring after surgery in Bangalore?

The returning of endometrial symptoms can occur 2 to 5 years after hysterectomy or any other procedure.

What are naturally adaptive methods to avoid endometriosis in Bangalore?

Avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol

Avoid spicy and processed foods and other substances that may affect the pelvic floor.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Moderate exercise.

Which is the most-effective treatment for uterus removal for non-cancerous tissue growth in Bangalore?

The most efficient and cost-effective treatment for endometriosis is vaginal hysterectomy,

Is endometriosis a serious disorder affecting women in their lifetime in Bangalore?

A fatal disease with potentially life-threatening complications.

How can you reduce endometrial complications in Bangalore?

You can reduce endometrial complications by decreasing estrogen levels, as estrogen thickens the uterus tissue that may result in bleeding.

What are the different stages of endometriosis in Bangalore?

Stage I, Stage II, Stage III moderate, stage IV.

How does endometriosis affect women in Bangalore?

Endometriosis also contributes to abnormal hair growth, depression, weight gain, hair loss.

How long can you sustain the symptoms of endometriosis in Bangalore?

You can sustain 7 years from the onset of the symptoms.

Is there any cure for endometriosis in Bangalore?

There is no cure for endometriosis, however, symptoms can be controlled by surgery, medications, and hormonal therapy.

Why does endometriosis complicate pregnancy?

The thickening of the tissue lining the uterus prevents the egg from reaching the uterus. Endometriosis can damage the sperm or the egg. Endometriosis causes inflammation in the body.

What are the symptoms of endometriosis in Bangalore?

Weight gain.


Low libido.

Hand and feet tingling.

High cholesterol.



How can endometriosis be treated in Bangalore?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to treat pain, reduce fever, inflammation, hormone suppression therapy, hormone medications, surgical treatment, lifestyle treatment, or alternative treatment.

Is it possible to get pregnant with complications associated with endometriosis in Bangalore?

Endometriosis causes pain, tissue scar, and difficulty getting pregnant, but if you conceive, you will have an uncomplicated pregnancy.


Endometriosis is a condition that affects the tissue lining the uterus. This causes bleeding and other complications in women. The menstrual symptoms complicate getting pregnant and affect the normalcy by persistent pain and pressure in the bladder and bowel. If the symptoms are persistent, then there is a need for endometrial surgery.

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