Basic IVF Services Includes

What services are typically included in basic IVF?

Basic IVF typically includes all services associate with each step in a basic IVF cycle:

1. Ovulation manipulation
Woman takes medication, usually birth control or an injectable fertility medication, to stop ovulation during the cycle before beginning IVF treatment. The reason for this is so that the doctor can control ovulation and preserve eggs prior to retrieval. Once blood work is done and an ultrasound is performed to determine baseline metrics, you take ovulation stimulation medications to up egg production.

2. Egg retrieval
Your clinic will monitor the follicles and administer an injection of HCG when they are ready to ignite the maturation of the eggs. After a precise number of hours following the injection egg retrieval will occur. During this time the woman receives an IV sedation and the eggs are gathered using an ultrasound-guided needle inserted through the vaginal wall.

3. Semen washing
Concurrent with egg retrieval, the man will give a semen specimen that goes through a special “washing” procedure in the lab. Additional sample mays be collected and frozen for future use.

4. Embryo growth
Once the eggs and sperm are ready to go, an embryologist will create embryos in a lab. They will incubate for approximately 3 days in very specific conditions before implantation.

5. Implantation
A viable embryo or embryos are implanted directly into the uterus using a small tube for transfer. You will be offered sedation, but not anesthetic.

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