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Children deserve thorough and detailed care in an environment and with people that are both loving and playful. Each child is different and healthcare delivery in children must be individualised accordingly in order to promote full health all year round.

Pediatrics is a medical specialty that manages medical conditions affecting newborns, babies, children and young people. Doctors who work in this area look at specific health issues, diseases and disorders related to all stages of growth and development.

Founded in 1982, the limi hospitals have consistently evolved while maintaining her focus on: care quality, care precision, patient-centered specialty care for all.

We are driven by our vision to become and remain the leading world-class, patient-centered hospital group working with ap- propriate innovative technology and driven by godly princi- ples. At our core, our guiding values which gives us focus and decision clarity include: 1. Empathy, 2. Excellence, 3. Efficiency, 4.Effectiveness, 5. Enthusiasm and 6. Obsessive Attention to De- tails .

The Limi Children’s hospital is a designated specialty hospital for pediatrics, neonatology and general medical care for care- givers. She draws on the rich experience of healthcare provi- sion and corporate patient-centered work ethic that differen- tiates and characterizes every Limi Hospital service center.

The Limi Children’s Hospital has set out as Abuja’s pioneer des- ignated pediatric specialty hospital to lead, define and model locally adapted world-class pediatric healthcare in a unique way that places emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention as an integral part of our unique approach.

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