IVF Success Rate in Nigeria

IVF Success Rate in Nigeria

If you’re considering In Vitro fertilization in Nigeria, most commonly referred to as IVF, you likely have many questions. This curiosity is normal as IVF is an expensive and lengthy process that requires conscience research and deliberation before pursuing it. One of the most burning questions you likely have is, “Will IVF work for me?” As with most major life decisions, there is no simple answer to the question. There is, however, a whole host of data available to give you a broader picture of how successful IVF may be for you.

What is IVF?

IVF is a process by which eggs are externally fertilized and transferred into a uterus to be carried to term. It is used most commonly by families experiencing a variety of infertility issues.

Stages of IVF Treatment

IVF is a multi-step process. The precise steps you will need (or elect) to take vary from family to family. In general, IVF treatment includes harvesting eggs and sperm, fertilizing the egg in a laboratory to create an embryo and planting the embryo in a uterus and/or freezing them for later use. In preparation for IVF treatment, women usually go through fertility treatments with medications and injections to increase the likelihood of success.

 From start to embryo implantation, the typical IVF cycle lasts 6-8 weeks and includes the following stages:

  1. Fertility medication (stimulating the ovaries)
  2. Trigger injection (injection of medicine that induces the final maturation stage of eggs)
  3. Egg and sperm collection
  4. Embryo growth in lab
  5. Embryo implantation

 Starting IVF Treatment

 IVF treatment begins long before your first medical procedure. In fact, one might argue that even as you read this article you’ve begun the emotional and intellectual preparation for IVF Treatment. Creating a research-backed foundation for your choice to move forward with IVF is just the foundation you need to feel comfortable with such a big decision. The first step to starting IVF is to ask lots of questions, explore your options and focus on making a decision that is wholly right for you.

What is the Typical Success Rate for IVF in Nigeria?

  • Women under 35 have a 41-43% success rate
  • Women ages 35 to 37 have a 33-36% success rate
  • Women ages 38 to 40 have a 23-27% success rate
  • Women over 40 have a 13-18% success rate


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