Laparoscopic Surgery Cost in Abuja

Laparoscopy Surgery Cost in Abuja

Laparoscopy Surgery cost depends on,
  1. Kind of Laparoscopic surgery you are looking for
  2. Patient’s age and current condition
  3. Choice of City and Laparoscopic Hospital
  4. Choice of Laparoscopic Surgeon
  Below is full list of Laparoscopic Surgeries and approximate cost for each surgery in  Abuja. You can send us your current medical reports and get estimated cost from leading Laparoscopy Hospitals and Surgeons.  
SI NOProcedureApproximate Cost (Naira)
1Vulvectomy Simple Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
2Shirodkar’s Stitch (Posterior Stitch) Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
3Hysteroscopic Adhesiolysis Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
4Lap Ovarian Biopsy Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
5Hysteroscopic Myomectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  848,571
6Hysterotomy With Tube Ligation Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
7Cesarean Delivery (C-Section) Cost in AbujaNGN  622,286
8Excision Of VagCost inal Septum Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
9Mcdonalds Stitch (Ant Stitch) Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
10LETZ (Loop Excision of Transformation Zone) Cost in AbujaNGN  113,143
11Stapes SlCost ing Operation(For Prolapsed Uteras) Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
12SalpCost ingo-Oophorectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  622,286
13RVF Repair Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
14Manual Removal Of Placenta Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
15Exicision And DebulkCost ing Of Large Ovarian Tumor With Omentoctomy Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
16Laparoscopic Adhesiolysis Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
17Lap Hysterectomy Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
18Endo Metrial Biopsy Cost in AbujaNGN  113,143
19Fothergills Operation Cost in AbujaNGN  746,743
20VagCost inal Dilatations Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
21Gartners Cyst Excision Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
22Le Fortes Operation Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
23VagCost inal Reconstruction Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
24Cystocele and Rectocele Repair Cost incl PerCost inoraphy Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
25Myomectomy (Open) Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
26Endometrial Polypectomy with Hysteroscopy Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
27Schautas Operation Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
28Transcervical Resection Of Endometrium Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
29High Dependency Care for High Risk Pregnancy Cost in AbujaNGN  622,286
30VagCost inoplasty Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
31CystovagCost inal Fistula Repair Cost in AbujaNGN  927,771
32Non Descent VagCost inal Hysterctomy For Previous Cesarean VagCost inal Delivery Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
33Endometrial Polypectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
34Cervical Cauterization Cost in AbujaNGN 90,514
35Cost incision And DraCost inage Imperforated Hymen Cost in AbujaNGN  565,714
36Radical Vulvectomy Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
37Removal Of VagCost inal Cysts Cost in AbujaNGN  169,714
38Secondary Suture Cost in AbujaNGN  175,371
39Amputation Of Cervix Cost in AbujaNGN  622,286
40AbdomCost inal Cervicopexy Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
41Laparotomy For Cyst Aspiration Cost in AbujaNGN  384,686
42Laparotomy Exploratory Cost in AbujaNGN  622,286
43VagCost inal Biopsy Cost in AbujaNGN 56,571
44Mid Trimester MTP Cost in AbujaNGN  565,714
45PerCost ineal Tear- SuturCost ing Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
46Cervical Biopsy Cost in AbujaNGN 56,571
47Repair PerCost ineal Tear Under GA Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
48Lap Adhesiolysis (MCost inor) Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
49Tubal Reconstructive Surgery Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
50Ovarian Wedg Eresection Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
51Vasicol-VagCost inal/RectovagCost inal Fistula Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
52Lap Sterilisation + MTP Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
53BartholCost ins Abscess DraCost inage Cost in AbujaNGN 56,571
54Medical TermCost ination of Pregnancy Cost in AbujaNGN 33,943
55D &C Plus Cervical Biopsy Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
56Laparoscopy Sterilisation Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
57D & E / MTP 2nd Trimester Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
58Ectopic Pregnancy Unruptured Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
59Hysterectomy VagCost inal / AbdomCost inal Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
60Diagnostic Laparoscopy Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
61Cervical Polypectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  113,143
62Ovarian Cystectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
63Hysterolaparoscopy Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
64Hysteroscopic Septum Resection Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
65Tubal Ligation Open Tubectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
66Laparoscopic Management Of Ectopic Pregnancy Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
67Vault Prolapse Operation Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
68Hysteroscopy with D&C Under GA Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
69Anterior ColpoperCost ineorrhapy Cost in AbujaNGN  622,286
70Tuboplasty Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
71Laparoscopic Tuboplasty Cost in AbujaNGN  848,571
72Conization Of Cervix Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
73Laparoscopy With Chromopertubation Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
74MTP (2nd Trimester) Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
75Evacuation Of Perneal Hematoma/ Colopopuncture Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
76Lap Ovarian Cystectomy (Endometriosis) Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
77Lap Adhesiolysis (Major) Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
78Laparotomy Emergency Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
79Scar Endometriosis Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
80SalpCost ingo Oopherectomy Bilateral -Complex Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
81Loop Excision Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
82Secondary Suture Under GA Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
83Hysterectomy For Rupture Uterus Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
84OS TightenCost ing/Cervical Encirclage Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
85Operation Of BartholCost in Cyst Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
86Laproscopic Coagulation Of Endometriosis Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
87Cesarean Hysterectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  848,571
88Hystoroscopic FB Removal Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
89Lap Myomectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  792,000
90Wertheim’s Operation Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
91VagCost inectomy Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
92Thermal Ablation Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
93D & C / MTP st Trimester Cost in AbujaNGN  282,857
94Lap Ovarian DrillCost ing Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
95Vacuum / Forceps Delivery Cost in AbujaNGN  452,571
96Normal Delivery With Epidural Cost in AbujaNGN  452,571
97Lap Surgery CarcCost inoma Of Ovary Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
98Colposcopy With Cervical Biopsy Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
99Normal Delivery Cost in AbujaNGN  396,000
100Diagnostic Laparoscopy D & C Chromotubation Cost in AbujaNGN  622,286
101VagCost inal Hysterectomy With BSO Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
102Hymenectomy Cost in AbujaNGN  452,571
103Hysteroscopic Endometrial AB Cost in AbujaNGN  735,429
104Vulval Biopsy Cost in AbujaNGN  509,143
105Pelvic Exenteration Cost in AbujaNGN 1,074,857
  Are you looking for Laparoscopic Surgery in  Abuja? We assist you for finding Best Laparoscopy Hospital and Laparoscopy Surgeon in  Abuja  
Which is Best Laparoscopy Surgery Hospital in Abuja?

There are many Laparoscopy centers in Abuja, find Best Laparoscopy Surgery Hospital based on Rating and Reviews from past clients

Who is Best Laparoscopy Surgeon in Abuja?

There are many Laparoscopy Surgeons in Abuja, find Best Laparoscopy Surgeon based on Rating and Reviews from past clients

What is Laparoscopy Surgery Recovery Time?

Laparoscopy Surgery Recovery time is very minimal. Recovery time depends laparoscopy procedure and technique followed. Contact us for more details

What is Laparoscopy Surgery Success Rate?

Laparoscopy Surgery has very high Success Rate. Contact us for more details

Get Second Opinion and Tele-Consultation from leading Laparoscopic Surgeon Get Cost estimate for Laparoscopic Surgery   You can also reach out to us with your query and reports:     You can also reach us for,   Hysterectomy in Abuja fibroids in Abuja fibroids Symptoms in Abuja fibroids treatment in Abuja laparoscopy in Abuja uterine fibroids in Abuja endometriosis in Abuja myomectomy in Abuja Ovarian cyst in Abuja what causes fibroids in Abuja fibroid removal in Abuja polyps in Abuja fibroid surgery in Abuja uterine fibroids treatment in Abuja leiomyoma of uterus in Abuja intramural fibroid in Abuja uterine fibroids symptoms in Abuja submucosal fibroid in Abuja fibroids pregnancy in Abuja fibroid treatment without surgery in Abuja myoma uteri in Abuja uterine polyps in Abuja fibroids cure in Abuja fibroids natural treatment in Abuja endometriosis treatment in Abuja subserous fibroid in Abuja submucous fibroid in Abuja fibroid degeneration in Abuja types of fibroids in Abuja fibroid uterus pictures in Abuja causes of uterine fibroids in Abuja what are fibroids in Abuja cervical polyp in Abuja fibroids and pregnancy in Abuja fibroids pictures in Abuja myoma in Abuja what is laparoscopy in Abuja        

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