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Bariatric Surgery in Nairobi

Bariatric surgery, which includes gastric bypass and other weight-loss treatments, involves making adjustments to your digestive system to help you lose weight. When diet and exercise haven’t worked or you’re having major health problems as a result of your weight, you may need bariatric surgery. You may be limited in how much you can consume as a result of some operations. Other methods function by inhibiting the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients.

Metabolic and bariatric procedures have been perfected over many decades. They are conducted utilizing minimally invasive surgical procedures and tiny incisions (laparoscopic and robotic surgery). Medical advancements helps patients for good experience with less pain, lesser complications, reduced hospital stays and a quick recovery.

Bariatric Surgery cost in Nairobi

Bariatric Surgery in KenyaAverage Cost (Kenyan shilling)
NairobiKsh 335,000
NakuruKsh 342,000
KiambuKsh 358,000
MombasaKsh 351,600
MachakosKsh 367,600
MeruKsh 361,200
KisumuKsh 373,200
NyandaruaKsh 370,000


Why Bariatric Surgery in Nairobi?

Many people travel from different cities of Kenya and abroad for Bariatric surgery in Nairobi.

Top five reasons for people choosing Bariatric surgery in Nairobi are,

  1. Qualified and Experienced Laparoscopic Surgeons performing Bariatric surgery in Nairobi.
  2. High Bariatric surgery success rate in Nairobi.
  3. Availability of latest technologies and infrastructure for Bariatric surgery
  4. Affordable Bariatric cost in Nairobi.
  5. No waiting time for Bariatric surgery in Nairobi

Bariatric Surgery cost in Kenya.

Average Bariatric surgery cost in Nairobi Ksh 335,000.
Average Bariatric surgery cost in Nakuru Ksh 342,000.
Average Bariatric surgery cost in Kiambu Ksh 338,000.
Average Bariatric surgery cost in Mombasa Ksh 351,600.
Average Bariatric surgery cost in Machakos Ksh 357,600.
Average Bariatric surgery cost in Meru Ksh 361,200.
Average Bariatric surgery cost in Kisumu Ksh 353,200.
Average Bariatric surgery cost in Nyandarua Ksh 350,000.

Bariatric Surgery Insurance Coverage in Nairobi

Bariatric Surgery Insurance coverage depends on type of Insurance product you have purchased and policy terms and conditions.

There are many Health Insurance companies in Nairobi including,

Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited.
Kenyan Alliance Insurance Company Ltd.
Allianz Insurance Company Of Kenya Ltd
Takaful Insurance Of Africa Limited.
The Jubilee Insurance Company Of Kenya Limited.
Phoenix Of East Africa Assurance Company Limited.
Xplico Insurance Company Limited.
Resolution Insurance.

Who is the Best Bariatric surgeon in Nairobi?

Find the Best Bariatric surgeon in Nairobi based on Rating and Reviews from past patients here.

What is Bariatric cost in Nairobi?

Find average Bariatric cost in Nairobi.

What is Bariatric success rate in Nairobi?

Bariatric has high success rate.

Which is the best hospital for Bariatric in Nairobi?

Find the best Bariatric Hospital here.

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