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Male Fertility Issues

Male Fertility Issues

Male Fertility Testing

While millions of sperm are produced every day in the testes, its development is complex. Medications, hormone imbalances, and environmental factors can all affect production, maturation and quality of sperm.

Although usually over 40 million sperm are released at ejaculation, sperm are very small and most of the semen consists of fluid that provides nutrients and enzymes to nourish the sperm.

Just as the journey of the egg can be held up, the transportation of sperm can sometimes be a root cause for infertility.

The epididymis is responsible for the sperm’s maturation, storage and transport. Sperm gain motility and an ability to fertilise an egg, once they pass through the epididymis.

We perform an analysis of the semen to find out whether there are any obvious problems with sperm production.

This analysis measures the amount of semen produced and also determines the concentration, motility, volume and structure of sperm in the sample.

Sperm analysis helps us to identify the best form of treatment.

For the most reliable test results, and to ensure the highest sperm count for our testing purposes, we advise you to avoid any sexual activity that results in ejaculation for 3 to 5 days before the analysis.

Testing is discreet and two rooms are provided. Samples are analysed within sixty minutes. Your results are discussed during consultation with one of our clinical team or sent to your GP, depending on your preference.

DNA Integrity Testing

DNA provides the genetic instructions for all living things. It is tightly packed into the head of the sperm to avoid damage. However, in some cases the DNA becomes broken or fragmented and this can lead to reduced fertility.

Assessing DNA integrity for some people allows for better treatment selection. If the level is high, we can amend your treatment plan to reduce the impact on embryo quality.

Antisperm antibodies

Our immune systems generate antibodies to protect us, and usually sperm cells are hid- den from the immune system in the testes. However, sometimes this protective barrier can be compromised by inflammation due to mumps, testicular injury, or surgery.

As a result, the immune system sees the sperm for the first time and develops antibodies against them, affecting their quality and their ability to swim freely.

If antibodies are detected and found to impact significantly, our embryologists will use a method to separate out the good quality sperm from the poorer quality to reduce any negative impact.

In most cases, we can retrieve enough sperm to allow us to perform IVF or IUI. If the antibodies have reduced the availability of good quality sperm then ICSI will be the recommended treatment option.


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