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Female Sterilization Procedure Cost In Bangalore – Find The Best Doctors, Hospitals, Ratings and Reviews

Female Sterilization Procedure In Bangalore

Female sterilization is a procedure performed when a woman no longer wants to get pregnant. The fallopian tubes are tied so that the fertilization does not occur during sexual intercourse. An expensive procedure and a method of birth control.

Female sterilization methods 

Tubal ligation

A surgical method of incising the fallopian tubes or clinched. A minimally invasive procedure called laparoscopy is used to perform female sterilization. The method is performed after the c-section.

Your physician does tubal ligation in two ways

Incising and tubular folding.

Taking out portions from the tubes.

Tube block with clips or bands.

Non-surgical method 

In this method, two tiny metal coils are inserted into the fallopian tube via the vagina and cervix. The tissue formation around the coil blocks the fallopian tubes. In certain cases, the implant pierces the uterus causing an abrasion on the walls of the uterus.

Female sterilization effects

Every month during menstruation fallopian tubes release eggs, and when there is sexual contact, the sperms fertilize the eggs resulting in zygote formation. Female sterilization is a method where the fallopian tubes are tied down or blocked preventing the egg release.

Complications associated with the procedure



Chances of ectopic pregnancy.

Benefits of the procedure

  • Affordable rate.
  • Safe and effective.
  • No risk of miscarriages.

You are free to practice sex after the procedure and is a suitable birth control option. The non-surgical method is not 100% effective, whereas the surgical method is 90% effective and you will not have any decreased interest in libido. You will continue to have menstruation and will not experience any physiological disruptions.


The recovery may take 15 minutes to an hour to ensure your recovery preventing major complications. Many people are discharged the same day of the procedure. However, complete recovery may require 2 to 5 days. Your physician will advise for follow-up after the procedure.

Your physician uses a laparoscope a light telescope. A device your physician uses to see the internals of your body. A treatment method with the minute instrument and your physician will perform different surgeries including

Removal of ovarian cysts.

Ligating tubes.


The requirement for female sterilization

When you have tried various methods for birth control such as pills, and contraceptive devices, but in vain. Female sterilization is a preferred option.

Female sterilization is not an option if you want to get pregnant in the future.

Sexual problems.

Mental illness.

Physical illness

Financial constraints to get pregnant.

Commonly asked questions related to female sterilization in Bangalore

How will female sterilization support you in Bangalore?

As it is a birth control procedure there are no chances of getting pregnant. A permanent solution for your birth control.

What are the risks associated with female sterilization in Bangalore?

The risks associated with the procedure are pain, discomfort.

Does female sterilization prevent sexually transmitted diseases in Bangalore?

No, Female sterilization does not prevent sexually transmitted disease, therefore it is advised to use condoms during intercourse.

What is the cost of tubal ligation in Bangalore?

The cost of tubal ligation in Bangalore varies from Rs. 20,000 to 40,000.The cost depends on the hospital, physicians charges, facilities availed.

Is tubal ligation covered under medical insurance?

Many health insurance providers provide insurance covering the health of an individual. Tubal ligation is covered under health insurance, it is safe to contact your insurance provider before proceeding with the procedure.

What is the age constraint for tubal ligation?

No age restrictions for tubal ligation. But, it is performed only if necessary.

How effective is the non-surgical method of female sterilization?

Almost effective, however, it is not permanent. Taking appropriate precautions during intercourse is helpful.

What are the adverse effects associated with female sterilization in Bangalore?

Though, the procedure is done with minimally invasive methods. It is necessary to check for complications. You may experience symptoms such as bleeding, infection, nausea.

What are the instructions to be followed?

You can follow a usual diet. Follow your physician’s advice for maximum benefits.

What is the cost of female sterilization in Bangalore?

Female sterilization costs from Rs. 34000 and depends on physician’s charge, medical complications, facilities availed, and the methods and techniques used.

What is a safe and effective female sterilization method in Bangalore?

The safest and most effective method of female sterilization is tying the tubes to prevent pregnancy.

What is the difference between vasectomy and tubectomy in Bangalore?

Vasectomy is safe and more effective than tubectomy. The reversal of vasectomy is more effective than tubectomy.

Why is family planning essential in Bangalore?

If you feel you cannot control pregnancy through birth control pills, use of condoms , and other methods, female sterilization is a suitable option to prevent pregnancy.

Is menstruation impacted through female sterilization in Bangalore?

No, female sterilization does not have any impact on menstruation. Your menstrual cycles will remain the same before and after the female sterilization procedure.

Is it possible for a woman to be sterilized in Bangalore?

Yes, a woman can be sterilized by two methods such as mini-laparotomy and laparoscopy. In mini-laparotomy an incision is made in the abdomen, a small portion of both the fallopian tubes are removed.

How long is the recovery after female sterilization through tubal ligation in Bangalore?

The procedure takes around  2 to 4 weeks after the surgery. If you have had c-section delivery, then the recovery will take a longer time. You will experience pain where an incision is made and may experience symptoms of dizziness, fatigue, shoulder pain, abdominal pain

How painful is female sterilization in Bangalore?

Pain depends on the procedure adopted and may experience symptoms of dizziness, cramps, abdominal pain for a shorter time.

What are the adverse effects of female sterilization through tubal ligation in Bangalore?

Sterilization failure and ectopic pregnancy

Changes in the menstrual cycle

What happens in female fertilization through tubal ligation in Bangalore?

Once the fallopian tubes are tied, the eggs will not come in contact with the sperm, and no possibility of pregnancy. Ovulation will occur, but your body will absorb the eggs entering the uterus through fallopian tube.


Female sterilization can be done in various ways. You can consult your physician to know which procedure is more effective for you.

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